Hiamovi Tallulah
03-10-2014 Female

27 July 2015: A scary day....
Today our sweet girl Tallulah has to go through surgery.... she has a polyp in her ear that has to be removed.
With her heart condition she has to have a special narcosis. We know she is in good hands with our vet but still.....
We took advantage of this situation to sterilize her at once. So,... 2 vets, 1 working on her ear and 1 working on her tummy.
To avoid stress as much as possible, I took her to the vet as late as possible. I did not want to leave her there for to long.
I stayed with her until she was asleep and I was so releived when she woke up.
Both surgeries went wel, now we just hope the polyp stays away...

Sweet baby girl, we are so proud of you. You proofed how strong you are and we are so happy you are still with us.

15 May 2015:
Tallulah is over 7 months now and still doning great.
She plays, eats en does everyting like any other 7 month old would do,.....
and sometimes even more. :-)
She is starting to be a really beautiful lady and still very attached to her stephmother Lily.

Our dream, our own Hiamovi girl. We had 2 litters but no girl was given,... en then you came!
Not even fully born we saw your tail, black with a red stripe and our heart stopped beating,....it's a girl!!
And what a beautifull girl you were,.... we saw your legs, 1 red and 1 black and we melted.
When you were born the picture was complete and we fell in love from that moment.
We already knew, you'll stay with us, we'll never let you go!!

You grew up, a lovely girl with a perfect caracter but our dream did not last long,... during the first check-up the vet heard a terrible sound....your heart....
The decision was made at the same moment, not for breeding.
The ultrasound showed 4 different problems which were confirmed by the cardiologist.

No meds, no operation, no cure possible. No answer to our question "how long"?
Days, weeks, months, maybe a year....but,...

My sweetheart Tallulah, we cried so much (just like the tears that are falling while I'm writing this,...) and if every tear we cried could give you an extra day you would live forever.
We will enjoy your time given with us and we hope nature allows you to stay with us for a long time.