PR Marea Starfish Feline Fantasy
Star   20-10-2007  female neuter

Our first real Maine Coon lady.
The first time we saw her we fell in love with her white triangel nose and her great looks.
Star is grown to be a real lady, she will walk in the snow if I cleared a path for her. :-)
She calls when she wants her hugs and than she goes all the way!!

She loves to ride along on the shoulder. She's curious and loves to take a peak of what you're doing in the kitchen.
Whenevs she gets the cahnge she'll jump from the table to our shoulder.
Since Star is a very big and strong lady, fully muscular, it's nice for us to see her coming. :-).

Star doesn't like crowds or strange people, she'll hide and comes out when she wants to.
In shows the judges loves her. We received questions if Star really was a female.
She is so hudge and strong for a female, she can easily stand in line with the males.



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