Heaven was needing a hero, somebody just like you......
  Our hearts cry for the loss of every baby.
Some even without a name, but they will always keep a special place in our hearts.
Hiamovi Ma-Cha-Hee 07-12-2012 ... 12-12-2012
Sweet baby Macha,
5 Days you fought and we fought along with you but this fight wasn't fair,
you could never win.
The name you were given the day you were born was Ma-Cha-Hee,
translated "the chosen one"
You were chosen to run around in the green field on the other side of the rainbow.
With pain in our hearts we had to listen and let you go.
In your honour your brothers all cary your name.

So run, play and have fun on the other side dear Macha and know
we will always carry you in our hearts.
Hiamovi Kagali 20-08-2015 ... 25-09-2015
My sweet Kala,
You were the first of this litter that was born, first to leave us much too soon.
The first weeks all seemed alright, you did all your brothers and sisters did.
You drank at moms and grew, not as much as the others but ok...
As you grew, we saw something wasn't right.
You breathing was not good, you were quickly tired and your strengt grow weaker.
We helped you drinking which asked a great deal of your strength, hoping to help you
You watched your brothers and sisters play. You would have loved to play along.
No matter how hard we tried, you made us clear it was enough.
In our hands you fell asleep, in our hearts and in the names of your brothers and sister you will live on.

Now you can play, my brave little girl, instead of watching on the side.
Run, jump and play with Macha and be free.