This poem was made by our good English friend Nick Chapman.
It really touched me and I want to share it with you as too many pets are still left alone,....

"For life"
Today I'm born, a pet I'll be
My legs are weak, I cannot see
Brothers and sisters, I have them all
We grow, we play, we even fall
Day by day, bigger I get
Soon I'll be somebody's pet
To have and care for, as I'm still small
It's a little ones life to have a ball,
You came for me with love and care
A new found love is what we'll share
Now I'm yours and you are mine
You're happy coz it's Christmas time
Three years gone I've grown a lot
But playtimes something we forgot
I think to myself what have I done
Times have changed since we begun
In the car is where we go
Where we're going I don't know
You open the door and let me run
I turn to you to have some fun
As I look I don't see you there
You've driven off without a care
Days go by and I'm feeling sad
Wondering if I was bad
I'm hoping that you'll come back for me
I'm hoping I still have a family
Weeks go by all on my own
I've been left without a home
A pet is what I used to be
A member of a family
Now it's gone all in the past
Why oh why did the love not last
A stray is now what I've become
Distrust for humans I turn and run
I've now been caught out on the street
Bruises on my legs, cuts on my feet
Im taken to a place so large
I'm given food and a nice hot bath
As time goes by we become friends
I start to feel loved all over again
I now live here with loads more pets
Their story the same, their owners forget
My day comes and sadly I pass
I've loved, cried and even laughed
My message here cuts life a knife
Remember humans a pet is for life