11-11-2018: Already 2 moths past. In my spare time I enjoy the babies, cuddling, playing, so not a lot of time to place new photo's or so. Urgent time for an update.
The babies, well, they are little racecars and changed so much during the last weeks.
Their caracters are formed and they wrap me around their paws.....Ayita is the biggest hugger of them all.
Like we already expected, if all goes well it's scary. You know something is gonna come, but what.....
All went well, full bellies, perfect weights, lots of energie,.... till after their first vaccination.
5 Of 6 babies had a reaction, weak, not eating, loosing weight, shivering, fever, 2 were even limping.
Zoals we al verwacht hadden, als alles goed gaat met de kitten is het eng want je weet dat er iets aankomt, maar wat,.....
Alles ging perfect, dikke billen, mooie gewichten, nergens last van.....tot na de 1e enting. 
Dicha is the only one without problems. (yet) 4 are ok now but they needed a lot of care.
Meda had the biggest problems, I could not controle her temperature which was getting too high.
She went to the clinic and got an infusion.
She's still on antibiotics but she doing great again. Thank God!

So for now we are going to spoil and enjoy them even moren cause in a few weeks the first will move to her new home.
12-09-2018: The kittens prooved to be wiser as we thought. The mini space, they got extra last week, quickly wasn't big enough so again they got more space. It'll be more difficult to follow them on the live webcam. They already tasted the wet and dry food
Ohh, they grow up so quick....
30-8-2018: Odina's kittens are not the only young babies in the house anymore. Our new lady Pleione entered also.
For a long time we were surching for a lovely, healthy lady with a low inbreeding.
The avarage is 14% but this little black one has a total inbreeding of 2,67% which is quite a difference.
If she likes it, she will join us on show although we already know that judges don't like her type.
It doesn't matter, we don't breed for show and don't love the extreme types. For us, she's a perfect real black beauty.
25-8-2018: Mam Odina got us real scared. With high fever we rushed to the clinic. Her wound and 1 milk package were heavenly infected. Luckily she's doing better now and the kittens are still doing great.
17-08-2018: So we started on thursday night, first baby born at 0515h, second at 0545h and third at 0555h looking good and Odina doing great. Then the wait... And wait... And wait... Because for sure there where more. At about 1300h went to the vet for check and ultrasound because Odina was not pushing. On the ultrasound 2 beating babyhearts where found, but not in distress. So back home and waiting again.
Next morning, still nothing happening and the remaining 2 babies moved, but not much.
Called the vet again and decided we should help nature.
At 1130h c section performed, i was there for the kittens. After the second was delivered, a shout from the OR... "number 3 on the way!"  all 3 took little time to breath and did great! So went home with mother and 3 babies. Odina was somewhat groggy still, but she and the babies had a splendid night, all drinking well.
09-08-2018: Odina is over 8 weeks pregnant now.The little chiefs are kicking. I feel so blessed when I have my hand on her belly and feel them. Just wait a bit longer my precious babies, it won't be long now.
We're also proud to let you know a new kitten is coming our way but more of her later.
For now, all our attention goes out to Odina, we hope mother nature is on her side.
16-07-2016: With great pleasure we want to let you know that little chiefs are on the way.
Fingers crossed that all goes well.
Manu, Ika and Magaskawee had their repaet HCM ultrasound. Tamaya had her first ultrasound, HCM and PKD.
It's always good to know that all is perfect for this moment being.
13 06-2018: Ayu is celebrating her 3rd birthday.
06-06-2018: Spender turnes 9 today.
02-06-2018: Last year we fought for your life, 3 times we almost lost you but we won!! Today you turn 5 years Magakawee.

04-04-2018: Today Blessing and Weno will be neutered. Blessing gave us 2 beautiful liters and Weno gave us back what we lost, a beautiful blue girl. They both got a repeat of the HCM ultrasound and a total blood control and all is perfect.
We've had a few bithdays:
Calimero turned 6
Easy turned 8
Odina had het second birthday
Lily, our blue Godmother, celebrated het 7th birthday.

Tamara turns 1 year today, congratulations my beautful princess.

Time flies. Not only 2017 went fast but also the kittens are already 8 weeks.
All 5 have found a perfect home and all goes well.
Just a little while before they break out of their safe place and start climing the high poles. Not good for my heart....
Yes, time flies,....
Happy New Year!!