NEWS 2017
05-12-2017: Lots of things happened. I didn't feel like writing because it hurt too much but we lost the fight over our sweet lady Elus.
Almost all the kittens of the last litter are in their new homes (1 will leave end December) and we have a new litter of 3 weeks in our bedroom. Odina is a perfect mom. We had the birthday of Blessing, who turned 3 and today Makya is allowed to cellebrate his 10th birthday!!!


Congratulations with the ***SUPREME***
titel of DINHU
06-09-2017: Magaskawee still isn't her old self but she's improving bit by bit.
The 7 little miracles take away our minds of the terrible week.
7 And 5,5 weeks, they are little furrballs filled with energy.
Playing with them is the best therapy there is. (and it's load of fun too)
A terrible week. Magaskawee already used 3 of her lives.
A C-section, hypokalaemia, and stiches that broke.... 2 urgent operations, lots of meds but still she is in trouble. She does not want to eat so we have to forse her.
And Ayu.... she delivered 2 dead babies.
Both ladies were so close at the end of their pregnancy, maybe they already knew what we know now?Beide

Magaskawee is already neutered and Ayu will follow soon.
Of course they will stay here with us,
01-08-2017: Both Ika and Blessing delivered their babbies. A perfect delivery however 2 kittens were given the task to watch over the other ones. Now both mothers and babies are doing well. Sometimes they peek at the other mom and they are happy being together and still have their own room. For us the most perfect and loving sight from our bed.

05-06-2017: Last weekend Tamaya went to her first show. For us always exciting, would she like it?
Luckily she did, she even crawled on the lap of the judge to collect a cuddle.
Her result were great!!
Both days she won excellent 1. Above that she won Best in Varieteit over a 1 year old big black male and of an 8 month old junior.
Wow, well done of our little 4 month and 1 day old girl!!!

Odina was also there. Both days she gained her point and left it at that.
But she won a new title,.... from now on she can call herself International Champion!!


04-05-2017: Today Tamaya turned 13 weeks!!
She is a lovely playful little lady.
In this movie you can see our princess from day 1 till 13 weeks.

We've had a few birthdays: Spender turned 8, Easy 7 Lily 6, Calimero 5, Magaskawee 4 and Odina turned 1.
Happy birthday my sweethearts, may you have many more birthdays to celebrate in our home.
05-04-2017: And so a month passes by. 5 Kittens already left to their new homes. Telutci will move out this weekend. Only Shada will remain and of course our baby Tamaya who has learned a lot from these last 2 kittens.
28-04-2017: Today our blue baby girl had her second vacination and her check-up. Luckily all was fine.
This baby girl made such a big difference for me, she helped me to get through the difficult time. If she wasn't here, I don't know we continued breeding. It brings joy but sometimes it can hurt you so much.....

10-03-2017: Much happened and I didn't want to write but I need to pull myself together again.
Our sweet baby Chogan died at 13 weeks. He had an urgent operation which was succesful but 1 day later he died of fluid in his lungs.

Our little blue baby was the one that made me go on, she needed to be fed as mom didn't produce enough milk.

And with all that happened I saw our Stud Calimero's change in behaviour.
Maybe he felt my greeve, I don't know. He's living with 5 other cats seperate from the girls and they own our 1st and 2nd floor. Normally this goes perfect but now he needed more hugs, asked more attention and tried to stay near my side. It broke my heart to leave him when I went downstairs so we made a choise. He will be neutered next week so he can stay in the livingroom, with the girls and us.
As we have no breeding child from him, his bloodline will stop here, but that's fine. His well being means so much more to us.
02-02-2017: Today Ika gave birth to a beautiful blue prinsess. Unfortunately the sky has 1 more little shining star. Ika herself already knew it and is more than happy with her babygirl.
For us a dream came true. Our first Hiamovi/Hiamovi mating and a blue lady.
No questions askes, she stays in our cattery.
Our little star will always have a place in our hearts and we welcome Hiamovi Tamaya.

The other kittens are also doing great. teenager Odina loves to play with them and they are thrilled about it.
Mother Ellie always look out for them, she's the best mom we ever had!!
25-01-2017: Maybe I'm prejudiced but our kittens,... they are the best! They showing their caracters more and more each day and yes,... they are just wonderful. They still sleep with us in our bedroom but in a few days we have to let them go. It will be quiet at night.
24-01-2017: Concerning showing we started 2017 in a great way!! In Paris Odina won Ex1 and BIV both days. The first day she won Nomination and the BEST IN SHOW with 4 out of 5 votes!!!
Too bad the next day she had to be judged by the 1 judge that did not vote for her.... and she lost the Nomination.
Whatever, we had a fantastic weekend with lots of fun and laughter, good foor and a walk down Paris. What else do we want.
In Zoetermeer Odina won Ex1-BIV en NOM 2 days in a row. Her competition was the FiFe Worldwinner 2016 but our lady took away some votes. Equal with the WW so there had to be made a casting vote that went to the WW 2016. Even on the second day she got 1 vote.
We are soooo proud of our baby girl that started shows with an ex3!! She blossoms into a real diva. From now on she has to compete with the older ladies, that sure is something else.
12-01-2017: At the end of 2016 we had too little time. Busy with X-Mass, visits by new owners and of course cuddling our babies. All are doing great!!!