Latest news 2016
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27-12-2016: Finally some time to write again.
De beebs are doing great!! They love the attention and especially the litter of Ellie loves to be picked up.

Unfortunatly Tatanka has an eye condition but he's doing well. He can grow old with it and most important, has no problems with it.
07-12-2016: Weno, our own first Hiamovi. Today he celebrates his 4th birthday.
05-12-2016: Today our big Chief Makya turned 9. Happy birthday sweety.

30-11-2016: We have kittens! Ellie delivered on 21st November and Magaskawee on 26th.
Too sad we also had to give up 3 little ones, may their stars shine brightly.
At this moment all goes well with mom and babies.
More info is on the kittenpage.

02-11-2016: Angela van Maastrigt, owner of 3 Hiamovi cats followed the Pawpeds G1 course with great succes. Congratulations!
29-10-2016: Worldshow 2016 in Vienna.
We had a lovely weekend and even saw some beautiful things in Vienna.
Our ladies did great,
Odina, today exactly 7 months so in the 7-10 months category.
Out of 6 she received a beautiful ex2!!
Lily did great and won her certificate.
As always we are very proud of our girls.

20-10-2016: Our beautiful diva Star celebrated her 9th birthday.
24/25-09-2016: This weekend we went to Paris. Odina had great results.
Day one she was nominated, had equal votes and lost by drowing straws.
Day two she was nominated and won Best in Show!!
20-08-2016: A smile and lots of tears.
Today our Indian Moon litter turned 1 year. Congratulations my sweet babies and especially our sweet princes Ika.
Today we lost a fight with Mother Nature, little baby Lago joined his brother.
15-08-2016: Today we put 3 candles on Manu's cake. Congratulations sweety.
13-08-2016: Ellie celebrates her 5th birthday. Congratulations my sweet lady.
11-08-2016: Magaskawee kept us waiting but on day 67 she gave birth to 2 beautiful boys.
So sorry but nature decided that she wanted Hinto to be with her.
Rest gently my brave Hinto. You are a part of our family and you will always be in our hearts.
13-07-2016: Always such a hard part of breeding..... the first two babies went to their new homes last week. Luckily we already received updates from the new owners and they are doing great!!

Here at home the ladies continue to sing,....especially Ika and her mom Magaskawee,...and to soon after the last serenade.... not what we want to hear.
Ika is way to young for romance. But nature does what she pleases, so we decided to give Magaskawee her date. Her ultrasound showed us 2 lively kittens. If all goes well she will deliver around 7th August.
11-06-2016: For the new owners of the kittens the time goes soooo slow, for us it flies. The babies are almost 11 weeks now and all goes well. They had their first vaccination and their chip. They all received a big OK stamp from our vet.
Just a few more weeks before the first one will be moving out....
Yep,...time flies,.....
05-06-2016: This weekend we went to Germany for the last show of this season.
All cats did great, they were relaxed, point were gained as well as new titels
and of course,..... we had a great time. :-)
Thank you all for a very peasant show season and for presenting our cats so perfect.
13-05-2016: Coongratulations!! Today our Indian Dream litter becomes 1 year. Watiha (Henk), Geju, Quale, Quaja (Luna) Geli, Dani and Ayu. Let yourselve be spoiled rotten by your owners today.
12-05-2016: Time flies.....The kittens are 6 weeks. Huyana's chest was already round after a few days. They had a little repercussion because of Blessings sour milk (she was in heat) but all is fine now. They had their first cuddle visits and took over our bedroom.

06-05-2016: We celebrated a few birthdays. April 14 Easy turned 6. April 29 Calimero celebrated his 4th birthday. On the 2nd of May Magaskawee turned 3 and Spender turned 7 on May 5. Coongratulations my sweeties. We hope you are allowed to stay with us for a long long time.

16-04-2016: Blessing and we are enjoying her wonderful babies. They grow fast, real fast.
At Huyana we discovered a little bit flatter chest, probably caused by growing so fast.
Besides that all is perfectly well; she drinks, her weight goes up, she starts to walk and play with her brothers and sister.
She now wears a special made corset that helps the chest to grow in the correct possition. The ground is made bumpy and if possible, she will be put on her left/right side in her sleep.
Eventhough this only looks like a "fast-growing" problem, for us it means Huyana is not available for breeding.
So the choise is been made for us that Odina stays in the cattery. Because of her lovable white face she already was a bit of our favorite so that turnes out perfect.
For Huyana we'll believe that the chest will be normal in 1-2 weeks and she will have no problems after.
29-03-2016: Easter weekend. 2 Hiamovi's entered the Easter show. Normally we are allways there but this year we kept watch over Blessing.
She could deliver any day now. The owners kept us informed and spamed us with show photos.
Blessing was in no hurry and waited till after Easter.
Last night she gave birth to 4 beautiful babies, 2 male and 2 female.
Everything went perfectly well. Mom and kittens are doing fine.
12-03-2016: Everything goes well with Blessing. She is now 7 weeks pregnant and gain 1755 grams.
She is developing a beautiful belly and we already felt gently kicking.
Because all goes well and we don't want to give Blessing any stress, we choose not to make an altrasound
so it will be a big surprise for us how many easter eggs she is breeding.
The most important thing is that all stays well for Blessing. We keep our fingers crossed.

How proud can you be?

4 Hiamovi kittens present on show in Belgium,
1 adult male Hiamovi on show in Germany.

Lahni ex1 out of 2, lost best kitten from brother Yego.
Ika ex 1, lost best kitten from brother Dinhu.
Yego ex1 and nomination, 1 vote during BIS
Dinhu ex1 and nomination. Split votes. (both 2) and lost by judge call who choose for his own nomination, a Norwegian. Both guys did realy great on stage!!

Then, in Germany, on a non Fife show...
Our offspring Kiya ex1, nomination, Best in Show and Best of Breed!!!

06-03-2016: second showday in Belgium.
Ika ex 1, lost best kitten from brother Dinhu.
Yego ex1 lost best kitten from sister Lahni.
Lahni ex1 (out of 2) and nomination. She presented herself great on stage.
Dinhu ex1 and nomination and Best in Show (5 votes out of 6)!!

One weekend, all Excellent 1, 4 nominations, 2 Best in Shows....
Yes, we are sooooo proud!!

Yego is warming up.... :-)

14-02-2016: What a weekend!!!!!! Show in Uitgeest and today we have the whole Indian Moons litter together.
For me, a special moment, curious how they all have grown but most of all,
hug, hug and more hugs. Love it!!

Off course the fun is most important on such a day but the results were outstanding!!
**Hiamovi Kikas Kagali (Ika) EX1 of 3 and lost best kitten to her brother Dihnu.
**Hiamovi Unolvtana Kagali (Vano,lives with Ellis and Rene), EX2 of 4, lost from brother Dihnu.
**Hiamovi Galohni Kagali (Lahni, lives with Samantha and Patrick)  EX1 of 3, lost best kitten to her brother Yego.
**Hiamovi Kuyegwona Kagali (Yego, lives with Ellie)  EX1 of 6 !!!!! Best baby and he won BIV !!
**Hiamovi Duninhdi Kagali (Dihnu, lives with Angela and Gijs-jan) Ex1 of 4,
best Baby, NOM en Best in Show !!!!

Hiamovi Indian moons litter won NOM from another beautiful Maine Coon litter en we won unanimous Best in Show from a British Shorthair litter. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy with our showteam. Loving people, fun at first place, results later. They all share each others tension and victories.
Truly being happy for each other.
What a great day, filled with love, cuddles, tension and victories.

06/07-02-2016: 2 day show in Zoetermeer
We only took Ika with us.
We know she will make it no furter than Ex 1 because she will loose from her brother but Ika enjoys the shows. She loves the extra quality time, loves to play en is very relaxed on show.
That is most important for us so we love to take her with us.
Her brother Yego is in the back of this video, just as relaxed as all his siblings.
Yego won a very beautifull Ex1out of 3!! and won the Nominatie over Ika.

25-01-2016: Blessing just returned from her date with Veni.
If all goes well, kittens will be expected around Eastern. More info on the page "Plans".

24-01-2016: Worldshow (non FiFe) Neocat in Houten (NL)

Today is Weno time.
Because of his ear he cannot show anymore but he never had his own showparty.
So today it's Weno time.
His last time, his party, our way of thanking him for all the fun he gave us.
We know that he will not get any results and we even expected to be disqualified but no,....
the judge loved him.
Weno got an Excellent and the judge was sorry he was not allowed to give him a BIV.
We are very satisfied and Weno got his last show and he loved it!!

It was a show to remember, 11 Hiamovi's were there and they all made the hall purple.
You can find the results of each one on the shownews page.