News 2015
15-12-2015: Lahni made her choise, she will be moving out to new owners. A pitty for me but I'm sure she gets a great life.
3 Babies already left, Lahni will leave early January and our house will be quiet again.
We already made our plans for next year but first we're going to close 2015.
A year with laughters and tears, with wonderfull babies and of course our own loving cats, with great friends, pleasant evenings but most of all, gratefull that our Tallulah is still with us.
The kittens are already 10 weeks. We made our desicion that Ika will stay in the cattery. However,.... Lahni is still deep in my heart so just maybe we'll keep them both,.....
24-10-2015: Last weekend we went to Sweden, WorldWinner show togehter wit our caat friend.Of course thenks to the help of Karin and Angela who took care of the cats and kittens at home.
Lily and Blessing did great and received a beautiful repport.Both an Ex1 en their certificate. Blessing now became Champion.
As it looks like this will be her only title for some time cause this lady is in heat quit often. At the end of November she will turn 1 year.
If all test will be good she will get a dat with a handsome big red-white boy. Let's hope nature is on her side.


25-09-2015: Our heart cries.....
My sweet little Kala, you didn't want this anymore.
You wanted to play along your brothes and sisters, you watched them from a distance but you were to tired.....
We fighted for you but in the end you looked at us and showed us what you wanted...... no more fighting, you only wanted to play....

With pain in our hearts we said goodbye, we let you fell asleep, keeping you safe in our hands.
In our garden you are burried, forever with us.
Now you can play sweet babygirl, play and run over the green fields as fast as you can.
Play my dear Kala, and know your brothers and sisters will cary your name with pride.
The kittens are 2 weeks and growing fast. Als goes well, mum enjoys and we anjoy with her.
23-08-2015: Blessing entered the kitten and junior show of the breeding club Maine Coon en became Best in Show!!
Magaskawee delivered 6 beautiful kittens! It took her 12 hours but all went well.
Mum and the kittens are doing fine.
17-08-2015: Tallulahs ear is not improving. Hopefully the new meds will do their job..
Magaskawee is getting bigger and bigger. Already gain 1200 grams. She is 7 weeks pregnant and is doing great.
27-07-2015: A scary day....
Today our sweet girl Tallulah has to go through surgery.... she has a polyp in her ear that has to be removed.
With her heart condition she has to have a special narcosis. We know she is in good hands with our vet but still.....
We took advantage of this situation to sterilize her at once. So,... 2 vets, 1 working on her ear and 1 working on her tummy.
To avoid stress as much as possible, I took her to the vet as late as possible. I did not want to leave her there for to long.
I stayed with her until she was asleep and I was so releived when she woke up.
Both surgeries went wel, now we just hope the polyp stays away...
25-07-2015: The kittens are doing great!! From now on they remain in our livingroom, day and night so the webcam is turned of.
Magaskawee is pregnant!!!
We had made an ultrasound and saw 5 hearts beating!!

07-07-2015: Time flies, 7 weeks already.
They took over our bedroom and livingroom.
No more sleep and keeping our eyes open when they start racing in the livingroom.
7 kittens and only 2 pair of eyes.

We love every minute of it, this is what we want, happy healty babies,
playing around, climbing on your lap, making us laugh and love.
Life cannot get any better then this!!

03-07-2015: An update on Tallulah, our beautiful princess, who turned 9 months today.
She is doing great!! Eating, running, playing, everything another cat would do. Luckily she doesn't know what is wrong with her, so she just does what she feels like doing.
We are still thankfull for every day she is with us and yes,..
we know,.... we are guilty,...she is spoiled!
27-05-2015: The kittens are 2 weeks old now and al goes well.
They drink, sleep and their eyes are peeping open. They work out for the first real steps to be taken.
It takes a lot of energy for mum to feed 7 babies so to help her a bit we hand feed the babies 2, 3 times a day.
I don't know who enjoyes this the most, Ellie or us! :-)

26-05-2015: Calimero had his heart ultrasound today and received a big OK stamp!!
A dream comes true!!

When we started breeding, we had a vision, a bloodline we wanted.
2 Years ago our dream came true, a litter with 4 males.
We waited patiently for our own special female.

Now, our dream has come true again.
Today Ellie gave birth to 7 (!!) kittens, also girls.
Mum and babies are doing fine.
An update will follow soon on our kittenpage.

06-05-2015: Spender turnes 6 years today!! He sings his own song. Hope you'll sing many more songs for us.
Today Magaskawee turnes 2 years. Congratulations sweet naughty girl. Hope you have many pranks for us!!
19-04-2015: Today Calimero turnes 3! Happy birthday red teddybear. You are the reason I love red!
26-04-2015: Easy turnes 5 years today. Happy birthday my sweetheart.
14-03-2015: We waited for weeks for your arrival but today finally we welcome into our hearts and home, Senoja's Blessing.
Of course we thank Jacqueline who gave us her trust that we will take good care of her little girl.
Welcome home dear Blessing!!
09-03-2015: Exciting times ahead,.....
Ellie had her date with Manu...
all we can do now is wait....
01-02-2015: Just a quick update of Tallulah, she's doing great!!
Despite ofher heartcondition she does all that any other kitten would do.
We pray that mature allows her to stay a long time with us.

13-01-2015: Just a short time before they leave.
We enjoyed these lovely kittens.
They all found their perfect home where they belong.
The house will be quit again.....
A new year has become so time for closure.
Lots of things happened, fun and laughter but also pain and tears, lots of tears.
During the first vaccination and check-up the vet heard a heartsound that took away the laughter.
Tallulah heart was not good. At that moment we already made the decision that breeding was not her future but she, as she was ment to be, stayed with us.
Luckily all the other kittens were fine.
After this we made een ultrasound and they discovered several problems that needed a closer look.
The ultrasound at the cardiologist confirmed the problems and told us never to have seen this combinations of problems all together. (no HCM)
Days, weeks, months,... we don't know how long our precious baby will have in our life but if every tear we cried for her would give her 1 more day she would live forever.
(adding the tears that are falling right now...)
For me also the reason why I could not make the kitten movies like I normally do. The new owners unerstand.

So, now the babies are 13,5 weeks.
Not much time to enjoy anymore so..... got to go,.... kittentime!!