07-12-2014: Our first litter became 2 years!!! Congratulations Weno, Kiya, Mato and Miteh. Lots of kisses from us.
Makya, our forst cat celebrates his 7th birthday!
Today our lady Star became 7 years. Congratulations!

17-10-2014: Today the kittens are 2 weeks and mom as well as the babees are doing great.
We see how Ellie loves to nurse them.
She really is the perfect mom.
All the eyes are open, the first steps are taken and
the weights are good.
They can really fight over that 1 niplle that (we guess) has cream inside.
Nothing more for us to do than look after them and love them, so in 1 word..... ENJOY!!

Tallulah will stay in our cattery and the other 4 kittens already found their golden basket.
03-10-2014: Today Ellie gave birth to 5 wonderful babies, 2 beautiful girls and 3 tough guys.
Everthing went great, mom and babies are doing fine and we enjoy these little wonders.
On de kitten page you can find their weekly pictures and at the link movies we will place some new movies from time to time.
That way you can enjoy these cuties and take a peep from the feeling we have, having them around us.

25-09-2014: Ellie is still doing fine, her belly almost pops.
Her delivery room is ready.
Hopefully the little ones keep up inside for 1 more week.
Worth a big Thumbs Up!!!!
Today Spender won his last point, he may now call himself Surpreme Champion!!
With this title, his show career comes to an end.

Thank you so much dear Spender,
for all the beautiful moments we had with you on the shows. xx
10-09-2014: Calimero and Ellie had a party at 30th of August. We know nature makes her own plans
but if all goes well kittens will be born early October.
They are so more than welcome, we really long for little furrbals.
All goes well with Ellie, she gains weight en her belly is round.
3 More weeks and then we'll know
20-08-2014: Today manu and magaskawee had their ultrasound check, HCM and PKD.
Both were good! Lily also went for her HCM which was perfect!
15-08-2014: Manu became 1 year. Happy birthday my sweet guy!
13-08-2014: Ellie turned 3, we hope many birthdays will follow!
Calimero went on a date with a cattery friends lady and became dady for the first time!
Congratulations to my husband!
Michel passed his exam for the G3 curcus (in English!)
He is 1 out of 9 student in the Netherlands that passed the G3! I'm very proud of him. Well done!
At this time G3 is the highest class but i know, if the G4 starts, he will be a student again.
(The link at the image shows all the people, worldwide, who passed G3).
Spender turned 5 years today, time flies,.... Congratulations!!
Today Magaskawee will become a little lady. 1 Year sweety, congratulations
Our big teddybear Calimero is 2 years!! Congratulations sweety.
My friend Easy turned 4 years. Happy birtday and may there be many more to follow.
03-03-2014: Today Lily celebrates her 3rd birthday. Congratulations my princess, we hope to enjoy you for much, much longer. xx
29-01-2014: A sad day, mother nature has made her desision.

After Lily lost blood, lost some weight an start mothering over Manu, all our allarmbels went of.
This morning we found a (too little) placenta en we went to the vet for an ultrasound.
Her uturus is empty, luckily clean but better safe than sorry, she gets an antibiotic treatment.

Tears for my darling Lily who for shore misses something as she sees Manu as her child, tears for the thought wat could have happen.....
But the mothering will end, her nature will return and I'm more than thankfull that my little girl is allright.
07-01-2014: We want to shout it out however we're also cautious.
Lily and Calimero had their second date,.. 2nd???..
Well, Calimero is a gentlemen and on his first date he didn't go all the way.......
Now, after the second date it looks like this red gentleman is going to be a dady!!
We keep our fingers crossed!