07-12-2013: Today the kittens of the Hiamovi Story litter turned 1 year old. Congratulations sweeties and let yourself be spoiled by your new owners. xx

Today Michel is in Prague, chasing his dream,....
For over 2 years we waited and now the day has come.
Our new guy Arbor Vitae Manu is coming. We are so thankfull that Jana made this combination for us. I cannot wait till they are both hoe safe and I can finally put my arms around Manu.
The event everyone is living towards, the FiFe Worldshow, this year in Aalborg (DK). Packed, sacked and full of happy mood, on the road, on thursday. A nice long weekend, Calimero, Weno and Magaskawee in the car, 900km drive. They are behaving wonderfull in the car this long drive.
Nice relaxing day in the cottage, plenty of room and playing all day. The cats can look outside, to the sea, we are only 100m away. Saturday up early, because we want to avoid the crowd. Well that worked out allright, when we got to the hall, the organisation was not ready and only 20 people are waiting with cats. Expectation is of about 1700 cats, to it's going to be very busy !!!
Everything was decorated in HOLLAND colors, the cat's in the cages and wait.
Calimero is first to the judge, it's almost 12 noon. He has a pretty competition and get's 2nd place. On top of that, he is not happy showing.
Weno is second in turn, aaaaaal the way in the big hall to the judge who really loves him. He gets all hearts on the reportcard. He is not alone.. 4 beautifull competators, almost same age as him. The judge has a hard time with all this beauty, but chooses Weno to be his number 1!! SOOOOO proud !!
We have to wait for the BIV-NOM because that will be the same cat. There are 3 beautifull males against him...
The judge has a hard time, me (Michel) as well, because i have to present Weno all this time. After 1 male can leave, they are 3 males.. Sadly, the judge gives Weno 3rd place, but still, against such pretty cats, Amazing !
Then Magaskawee, we expect not too much, she has to compete, not only 4 others, against her 2 pretty sisters and has not won that yet. So, full of hope, but Ex3 or Ex4 in expectation, to the judge. To my surprise, the judge voted pretty quick against 4 others, so there she was, against her 2 sisters. There was a lot to be told by the judge, pro's and cons of each sister. We (Nico, Tineke and I) loads of fun, because we knew they where sisters. At last the judge chose; Magaskawee !!! EX1 !! Unbelievable, on the world show, the little girl that had never won from her sisters !! Ex1 of 7 pretty girls !! A very very exciting moment, never to be forgotten !! The NOM went to a very pretty brother of her, Pretty Elan. Correct, very correct choice.
The gentlemen and lady where allowed to rest and enjoy their succes. And us too... A wonderfull weekend and SUPER results !!!
Tired, but happy we went home, trought the middle of the storm.. Left at 0900 and arrived home at 2300h. What a ride.. The cat's didn't mind.. they where sleeping..
20-10-2013: Sweet Star became 6 years old today. Happy birthday pretty lady !
Little doubt, but we went to Paris, the yearly animal expo. 25 thousand !! Visitors, every day, for 2 days. BUSY!! Until 5pm people where in line to get a ticket. It's a lot of getting used to, been a while since we had been there, because people can, other then the rules with us apply, sell kittens on show.
Last chance for Weno to get the 5th BIS, because on monday he will be 10 months.
Saturday Ex1 and BIV, just lost the NOM.
Sunday, Ex1 and again BIV and again lost the NOM. So sadly,no JW... We have tried everything..
Still very proud of him and very happy to have him. 7KG now and such a big guy. Very weet temper and loves attention. A real show lover.
He loves every second on show !! Had a wonderful weekend and nice BIV Cups for Weno!

Magaskawee is there too; To qualify the the worldshow, she needs at least Ex1 one time.
She get's that pretty easy, won from a pretty (large) male of almost 6month, not only saturday, but sinday as well !! She can come to Danmark !!!
Show Schiedam, with Calimero, Lily and Haka. Weno would have been there as well, but he has an ugly spot in his neck, because Cali found it nice to show Weno his manhood. It's not a big problem, but with a spot like that, he will get nothing on show, so he remains at home. Mama Lily is there however. Lily regretfully doesn't get het point, Cali does and Haka became 1st in his goup!! Great result for this sweet guy, even more because he had a very prette competition.
On top of that, something else is new; I had seen her a few times, but never expected, because mama Suzy wanted to probably keep her: Racoones Resort Magaskawee will come to live with us !! So very happy and gratefull to be able to welcome this very pretty and sweet girl to our home !!! We thank Suzy and Nico from the bottom of our hearts !! Magaskawee (Graceful) is blue torty tabby silver and was born may 2 2013. She was brought to us on sept 19.

Show in Coventry with Weno and success !!! Ex1, NOM, BIS and Best Kitten !
Soo happy with the results and so proud of Weno !! 1 More BIS to go ....
Busy weekend.. Michel with friends Nico and Suzy together with Weno to Karlovy Vary (CZ), because we have decided to try and get him to get the 5 BIS to become Junior Winner.
Saturday Ex1 and BIV and sunday Ex2, sadly not made it, but had a wonderful weekend. There will be more chances.
Monique went to the RMC Kittenday with the kittens and the canopeners Pauline (Yato), Ellis and Rene (Yani), Angela and Gijs-Jan (Kima) and Brigitta and Wiebe (Haka)
Monique is helped from all sides and all have a great time. Yani is Judges sweetheart of the day by judge Gregor.

The first moment of goodbye is here,...,
Yani, will leave our home today.
In the next weeks, the other will folow and all will be quiet in our house.
We know people are waiting patiently but longing to give them what ther deserve, a warm and caring home, but still,... it always hurts.

Goodbey my precious,....

13-08-2013: Today mama Ellie celabrates her 2nd birthday. In the presence of her babies, she was spoiled extra today.
It's still hot outside however the kittens seems to adapted.
All is calm and everything goes well.

Where we ever busy, shows, kittens etc. Not even time to update the website with all that has been going on..
But now, here it is, last kitten pictures online.. Sorry....
Kittens are growing, playing and healthy, although the heat had caused them to eat badly for a few days. Hopefully its cooling down soon.....

Again we went to show, this time in Germany, man was that ever hot there !! All cats and their owners where suffering the heat.
Good thing the organisation let us leave early to go back to the airco hotelroom.
Results; Weno both days Nominated, saturday BIV. Calimero Nominated on saturday and CAGCIB on sunday.
Last weekend we went to show with Weno and Calimero. We had a wonderfull weekend with nice results in the UK (Northampton)
Weno was nominated on both days and Calimero got his CACIB points. Very proud of the boys.
The kittens had a babysitter, Karin, who did a perfect job ! We are proud and honored to be able to count on her !
The kittens and mother are doing perfectly! They gain weight very nice and are very strong! Mother is ok when we weigh them, but if it takes too long, or they call mother, she will tell us to not be too long. She spends a lot of time in the nursery, but, from time to time, she will stretch her legs and comes downstairs to eat, after which she will quickly tell us she will go back and if maybe someone would be so kind to open the door. :)
On exactly day 63 of her pregnancy, Ellie delivered 5 kittens.
Delivery wasn't the easiest start, but at 1500hours, she delivered the first baby, sadly with open belly and split lip. She was not allowed to live long and shines from above as a little star. Next, with lots of time in between, 4 other kittens where born, all in super health ! 4 Men, again; Black, Black smoke/White, Red/white and Red smoke/white resp 135, 120, 129 and 122 grams. We are very happy with the 4, very proud of fantastic mum Ellie and ofcourse daddy Alwaro Tuzzi. To see pictures, click on the link in the menu above. The litter is called Hiamovi Indian Spring and it's the Spring the guys names are from.
whoohoo, Michel passed his Pawpeds G2 certificate !! On the way to G3!!
06-05-2013: Our lovely guy Spender is 4 years today. Happy birthday handsome!

27/28 05-2013: We went to UK, Swanley for 2 days of show and had a great time.
Calimero won his 2nd CAC point the first day. Day 2 he won his 3rd CAC, the BIV and was Nominated.
Our sweet teddybear may call himself Champion!

Weno had whole different plans. Our own breed won on day 1 the Ex1, was Nominated, won unaimous Best In Show and unanimous Best Kitten!!He lost the Best of Best with one vote.
When we thought this couldn't get any better he prouved us wrong: Ex1, Nominated, Best In Show, Best Kitten, Best catagorie 2 and YES!! Best of Best!!

Our other breed Hiamovi Kiya, was for the 1st time with his new owners in Germany at that same sunday.
Hij won the Ex 1, Sonderpreis and also won Best In Show!!

3x Best In show in 1 weekendfor 2 little Hiamovi's! We are so proud!

Weno Kiya
Hiamovi Kiyiya Ma-Cha-Hee,
lives with Mardy and Jos

29-04-2013: Calimero celebrates his first birthday. He still is the same sweet and soft boy that he was when he was a kitten.
24-04-2013: Today Easy turnes 3 years. As a kitten he followed me everywere and he still does.
I hope he will folow me for many more years!
08-04-2013: Ellie spend some time with Tuzzi. If all goes well she'll haveher first litter half mei.
Off course we hope that these dates contribute to the comming of healthy little Hiamovi's.
Look at the link plans above to see more infos.

15-03-2013: Our borrowed time with our litter comes to an end. From now on, other people may enjoy what we enjoyed for 14 weeks. Laugh about all the funny things they do, hug them and make them purr. We loved our time with them and saying goodbey will be so hard. My dearest little guys, we are so proud and greatful to have known you, take care! We are looking forward to hear your updates.
You will always be a part of our Hiamovi family and we'll never forget you!
09 and 10 March 2013: This weekend we have our first show since this litter arrived. They are 13 weeks and 1 day and will join us for this show. The learned everyting playfully, grooming,the shower, blowdryer, ride in the car and they love it! What a great litter this is!
Together with big brother Spender we took off.
Spender won his CAPS point the first day and lost from a beautiful cat the second day.
Kitten Kiya won ex1 in his group (also against his brothers) and won the nomination. On stage he even won 1 vote! We were so proud!!!
With our complete litter whe had 1 other beautiful litter to compete against. The judge looked at our litter, stood still and his only words were "Wow!". That one little word made us so proud. Our first litter was rewarded with Wow. After a long time the judge made his decision: our litter won and became Best in Show!! We ended this great day dinning with great friends in a fantastic restaurant.
The second day Weno won Ex 1 and he was also nominated.
In the mean time our litter had to compete against the other litter for the second time. Our litter won again and became for the 2nd time Best In Show! This was already a top weekend but our little guy still had to enter the stage. We were so nervous and yeahhh, our little guy, only 13 weeks and 2 days, became Best In Show!! We were looking forward to this show as it was a while ago since our last show but this exceded all our expectations. On a pink cloud we flew home,...
bis1 bis hs

03-03-2013: mum Lily turned 2 years today. We are so proud of her, she's a great mum. Congratulations sweety, a big kiss from us and your little ones.
Time flies so fast,.. one minute we are couting down to delivery and now they are already over 8 weeks. We enjoy every minute we can. Some little movies are placed on the kittenpage.