16-12-2011: Our newest girl Ellie just arrived.
Ellie entered our home, walked around wondering were she was and very quickly Red gave her a snif and a friendly welcome.
Sunni, who normaly shows her real torty character to a new cat, had a surprise coming. Ellie showed her she wasn't impressed at all and Sunni walked away.
Star came for a peep and quickly licked Ellie to show her she was approved. A wonderfull welcome for Ellie.
Ellie already told a lot of stories and loves all the attention.
She had the guided tour in the house, is a bit tired because of her long journey and all impressions and now lies peacefully at Michel's lap.

Ewa en Filip, thanks so much for letting us take care of Ellie.
We promise you we'll fill her heart with love and joy!!
16-12-2011: Today Red has turned 3 years. Congratulation my sweet cuddly.
2-Day show in Bocholt (Germany). First day Lily won Ex1 and was invited to come back for the nomination which she won! Easy won his last CABIP point and as of today he may call himself International Champion!
The second day lily again had Ex1 and was called back for the nomination. This time she didn't receive this.
Easy, with his new titel, won his first CAPGIB point and was asked to come back for the nomination. This he won!  
Lily as well as Easy were op on the stage, Lily on Saturday and Easy on Sunday.
They didn't get any votes but they were on stage again!!
5-12-2011: Makya turned 4 years today! Happy B-day my love!!
13-11-2011: Felikathow in Rijswijk. Easy won his 2nd CAPIB point. Hij had to come back for the nomination but lost against another beautifull cat. He was done for the day and could sleep in his cage again.
Lily won Ex1 and was asked to return for the BIV. She won from a 3-6 month kitten and 2 beautifull black males!! She also received the NOM but with the BIS she had no chance. As allways, we're very proud of our showers!
30-09-2011: Today Sunni went to the Vet.
Despite we don't see any negative consiquences, she has red gums around het teets and during a former check-up we asked for a better look in her mouth. Se had a little toxication and her teeth were cleaned.
Luckily it wasn't bad at all, teh Vet just removed some tartar and cleaned her teeth.
All went well but she's happy to be home again!!
25-09-2011: Today we went to Genk (Belgium). On a beautiful and warm after summer day we could enjoy lots of wunderful cats, met some new catlovers and , as always, had a nice day.
Lily was called at first and won a beautifull Ex2. That was all so she could sleep and play the rest of the day.
Easy created some fireworks again, a great Ex1 and (unexpected) Nomination. (his opponent was really beautiful)
On stage he didn't get any votes, but he was there again!!

18-09-2011: The first FiFe show of a new season at Schiedam. It's allways nice to see familiar faces and we had a good time.
Lily ended first in her class and got an exellent report with a special note that she is a very promising lady!
She lost the Biv from a few months older beautiful male but the judge admited it was a tough choice. That statement made us grow!!
Spender received his Ex1 and had to come back for the Nomination. He didn't make it but he got an excellent report.
Easy surprised us again! He left the compitition behind him and received his last CAP point.
Now he is allowed to call himself also Champion at the FiFe!! He had to return and won the Nomination!!
At the Best in Show he couldn't compete with the other cats but our sweet little guy stood on stage again!!

9-9-2011: Our poor little Lily has hurt her leg. She limps but at the same time keeps on playing and running. After a detailed check up we couldn't find anything alarming but decide
to put her in the bench and immediate made an appointment at the vet.
3 X-rays were taken but luckily nothing was broken.
She probably made a wrong move and just needs rest.
After she got a inflammation inhibitor and painkiller she was put down in the bench again.
The medicin was no problem, it tasted great!!

Easy didn't like this and missed playing with his little girlfriend.
He kept on comforting her and stayed by her side.
We even put don an extra blanket for him.
Easy and Lily are so close. The sight of this was heartbreaking.
After 1 week her wrist was better and now they rush through our house again,... together.


3/4-09-2011: We had a great weekend in Mannheim (Germany) at the World Cat show.
As there were so many cats, the BIS was devided in 2 days.
All semi longhair cats had their show on Saturday.
On Sunday there was a judgement and special judging ring.
In total there were over 600 cats of which 160 Maine Coons.

Saturday: Lily turned 6 months today so she could enter the 6-10 months class.
She won her Ex1. The judge loved her and give her a NOM!!
Easy also won his Ex1. He surprised us also by winning the BIV and NOM!!

Sunday: At the judgement Easy and Lily became first in their class.
The ring had a total of 38 cats.
Lily didn't make it through the 1st round but Easy stayed at the best 18!
He was judged again and made it to the best 9 who had to go on stage.
One by one the cats had to go but Easy stayed.
Eventually he turned 3rd and the best Maine Coon!

: Show in Düren Gemany. Today was the first time we had 3 cats with us.
Spender won his Ex1. His judge kept asking us why he was neutered. We should be ashamed!!
Easy also won Ex1. He received a special price because there were not enough cats in his class for a BIV but he was the best of his group.
He lost the Nomination to a cat who turned out Best over All at the end of the day and our sweetie still has to grow before he really can compete against such a cat.
Lily's judge was stonished, her colour, her coat, her eares and eyes, but most of all her fluffy and long tail. She's still a kitten and it's allways wondering how she'll turn out but today's presentation was a real praise.
She received an Ex1, a special price and NOM.
The BIS was a tie. Unfortunatly the judge who made the finall call choose the oter cat.
All our showers behaved perrrrrfect and (as always) we're very proud of them all!!


23-7-2011  Sunni turned 2 years today!! ***

07-06-2011: All goes well with Lily. She walks in the house like she's lived here for years, the other cats sniffed and washed her from head to toe.
She went to the vet today for a check up and received a big aproval.
02-06-2011: Today finally was the day!!!
Hawkwind's Lily-Rose Melody set foot in our house.
If all goes well, Lily will be our first breeding cat.
After she had a quiet car trip of 4 hours, Lily is sleeping in our bedroom were she will spend the night. Tomorrow she will meet our other cats.
We had a great day at Hawkwind's, a great welcome and enjoyed a perfect BBQ.

Norbert and Dagmar, thank you very much for trusting this great lady to us!!

07-05-2011: The last FiFe show of this season.
1st Day show in Alsfeld (Germany)
Easy had a great time and won a beautiful Ex2.
Spender received Ex1 (1st point CAGPIB) and a Nomination.
08-05-2011: 2nd day in Alsfeld.
Easy enjoyed all cuddles and again was rewarded with an Ex2.
Spender had a big surprise for us.
Again he received his Ex1 (2e CAGPIB), a Nomination and also became
Best in Show!!

At the end of this season it was time for a big thank you to all our cats,
also the ones at home, they were surprised with a new cat tree.
06-05-2011: Spender turned 2 years today!!!!
24-04-2011: 1st day Eastershow in Arnhem. Easy received a beautiful Ex1 and with this his first CAP point.
The judge had a hard time making his decision about Spender but at last he received a great Ex2.
25-05-2011: 2nd day Eastershow. Easy again earned an Ex1 and his second CAP point. Spender stayed with his Ex2,
however he earned his own small fanclub!!
24-04-2011: Easy is 1 year today!
06-03-2011:Spender has won his last CABIP point in Tienen (Belgium) and may call himself International Premior !!!
25-02-2011: Easy is neutered. We knew he had 1 undescended testicle and he needed a bigger surgery.
The stiches on his belly were broken way to soon so there was quit an open cut that started bleeding. 
We had an urgent visit at the VET who placed 3 staples. Finally he healed perfectly.
We continue our surch for a perfect breeding female cat.
At this moment we're inhaling quit a dose of information. We found a wunderfull book called "Breeding Cats" which teaches us the
genetic but also the behaviour development, hygiene, etc.
January 2011, our catteryname Hiamovi is aproved!!