05-12-2007    male neuter

Our first cat. Unfortunatly we did not choose a correct breeder (no pedigree, a well known mistake for the first one)
His weight was to low, he didn't ate much and after the vet check up we learned that this kitten probably was 3 or 4 weeks younger as told. Makya was seperated from his mother to soon and therefor he had some major starting problems.
As expected the breeder did not respond to any answer we had. After visiting the vet a few times, lots of medication and much love and care everyting turned out fine, but we've had sleepless nights over him.
We learned the hard way and never make the mistake again of welcoming a kitten with no pedigree.

His eating problems are't an issue anymore, he really loves to eat, no matter what. He steels bread, carrots, loves blue chees and if you love your fingers, don't try to take away his piece of cucumber. He's guarding it with his life!!
Even when he's allowed outside, he'll return within 15 minutes. (just in case he misses a treet)
Not having a great start, he turned out to be georgeous soft boy and we are so glad he's still with us.

Makya Makya