Maine Coons are the clowns of the cat world, with a rather quiet but extrovert personality . They normally adapt to new surroundings with
the greatest of ease. They are in general, highly intelligent, but a dripping tap can turn them into idiots, as they happily spend hours
catching drops, without realizing that they're slowly starting to resemble a drowned rat.
The great mystery of "Where does melting ice go to?", is another problem they try to solve - without much success!

The Maine Coon is a very affectionate creature. He adores happily be loved by any member of the household, he does tend to choose one
particular person, on whom to bestow most affection. Also known for sleeping in the most weird positions and places (probably originating
from the days when he slept rough in barns), perhaps the most unique thing to the Maine Coon is the noise he makes.
Rather than the standard meow, this cat "chirps", a noise which is difficult to describe but ones heard is never forgotten!

So what are the pros and cons of choosing a Maine Coon as a pet? Well, advantages include a highly intelligent, affectionate, and not
overly demanding cat which adapts with very few defects. The coat is relatively easy to maintain and because of the colour and pattern combinations, no two are ever the same.

There is one major disadvantage to living with a Maine Coon - one cat is never enough, and not before long you'll be looking for another one!

Source and more info click here (Maine Coon Cat Club UK)