On this page you'll find information if you are interested in a kitten.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

You'll find these options at the kittenpage.

Available I'm looking for a new home
Option Somebody is interested in me but still needs some time or is waiting for a first visit. Other request are welcome.
Evaluation Maybe I'll stay with my breeder, however requests are welcome. (maybe I like you more :) )
Adopted I already found a new home and my new owners are waiting for my arrival.

Our kittens may leave from the age of 14 weeks if they perfectly succeed the last vet control.
The kittens may not leave all at once, so some of them will leave 1 or even 2 weeks later to prevent any stress situations.
We always ask the new owners to stay at home for a few days, so the kitten will not be left alone in a new home
but we will allways try to move the kitten in/before the weekend.

At that time the kittens will be fully vaccinated, dewormed several times and will have an identification chip.
If you want a kitten for breeding, please let us know at your first visit so we can check if the kitten is suitable for breeding.
We'll make a confirmation for all kittens, pet/show/breed in which you can find all guaranties.
All our kittens will leave with their Fife pedigree, European pass, health certificate form the vet and a nice kittenbag with food for the first days, toys and information.
You'll also receive copies of all testresults of both parents en of course you are free to look into the original testresults.

Visitors are welcome when the kittens are about 5 weeks old.
We kindly ask you to not visit any other catteries on the same day concerning our kittens health, as they are not vaccinated at that time..
If a little Hiamovi stole your heart we would gladly see you for more visits so the transfer to their future new tipi will be easier for the little Hiamovi.

Even after our kitten found your home, we'll gladly answer all questions you have.
If, for whatever reason which we don't need to know, you cannot take care of our Hiamovi anymore, please always contact us.
It would break our hearts if our cat, which we loved and took care for, ends up in a shelter.