GIP Hawkwind's Easy Go
Easy   24-04-2010   kater kastraat

Our boy Easy, he fits his name.
He's easy in eveything, brushing, showering, blowdrying. He plays with the vacuumcleaner and whiping the floor is playtime.
The best way to clean the house is to do it when Easy is outside or else he just invites you to play with him and no cleening will be done.
You find his toys in the most surprising places, in the waterfountain, in your shoes, your handbag, he allways brings a smile on my face.
He also brings back his toys if you throw it away. He loves to play.
Even though I love all of my cats, Easy has a special place in my heart, he really is "my guy". He follows me everywhere he can, waits for me untill I come out of the shower and if I don't hold him back, we would take a shower together.
If I open the showerdoor I have to make sure the floor is dry because the moment it opens, he's inside.
He would crawl into me if he could. Easy is a great guy, you just have to love him!!