The name Hiamovi is Cheyenne (Native American) for "High Chief".
A name which we found well suted for a Maine Coon.
It refers to a wise, smart and piecefull chief who is respected by everone.
Our kittens will be given the name Hiamovi ....... when they leave our tipi after 3 full moons, starting their new journey to grow up and become a full "Hiamovi".

First and most important of all is the wellfare for our cats.
They live their lives together with us in our home.
They have plenty of room, in- and outdoors with great resting-, climb-, and hiding places.
A big part of our garden is fenced, so they can go outdoors, safely and protected.
Our kittens will be raised in home conditions, with all noises that appear in-, and outside our home,
so they will get used to these sounds.

You're more than welcome to visit us, even if we don't have kittens, to get to know these gentle giants.
If you are interested in our kitten we will welcome you to get to know each other a bit better.
Of course we are currious where our brave little Hiamovi's will go to, but I'm sure you will also like to know where they came from.