Welcome at Maine Coon cattery Hiamovi, located in the south of The Netherlands.
Our names are Michel en Monique Herweijer. We welcomed our first Maine Coon in 2007.
This big-sized cat has such a soft, sweet and remarcable character and we totally fell in love.
As you can imagine, we didn't stick to just 1.....

Our interest in this breed, the standard and pedigree grew in time.
After reading a lot of books and absorbing information about breeding we took the first step from showing into our own cattery and at the end of 2010 Hiamovi was born.
Luckily we could count on the help of many friended catteries who stood by us of which we are very greatful.

2014: We have done many reading and taken courses. Michel succeeded in the Pawpeds course G1, G2 and G3.
At this moment 14 Dutch people passed the G3, so we are very proud.
(if you click on the G3 ribbon you can find all the others that passed)
Michel has been a member of the Breed & Advice group but is now using his time to translate the G3 course form Englisch into Dutch.
In the future we will go on learning so we can look after our cats/kittens as good as we can but also to advice you.

You are always welcome to visit our cattery, even if we don't have any kittens.
Many people already visited us just to see the great caracter of the Maine Coon with their own eyes.

If you have any questions or remarks, please contact us.
We hope you'll enjoy our site.
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