The story of Hiamovi - born 7 december 2012
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The Story of a High Chief (Hiamovi)
It happened many moons ago, the days became colder and the watery sun swiftly disappeared behind the black mountains. The hunters returned from their long hunt, with their bounty only 2 buffalo for the tribe, providing, only for a brief time, the food and enable the wives to repair the holes in the tipi and maybe some clothes for the young ones.
Snow was falling, winter would arrive very soon now…
Hiamovi had a vision of prosperity with the arrival of the winter, but now that
it was getting so cold, so quickly, no one of the young warriors believed him…
Once he was as young and strong as them, but the years had left deep marks in his old face.
He was, however, with his age, a very wise man.
They were sitting around a fire near the big tipi when suddenly he got up and said “It won’t be long now…”
The young warriors laughed at each other, one of them stood up and asked “well how long does Hiamovi think it will be then?”
While he looked towards the black mountains and with a soft voice Hiamovi said;
“When the first born (Wenonah) is under the new moon (Mimiteh), looks at 4 bears (Matoh Topa) following a howling wolf (Kiyika) who
see the chosen one (Ma-Cha-Hee) come to the earth.

Now, the young warriors rolled on the floor, but the elders where silent and smiled with joy.
Suddenly, the warriors where silenced by the look of the elders… They all stood up and looked towards the moon-lit mountains;
The vision was true…..