On May 13th Ellie and Manu became proud parents of 7 (!) kittens
Mum and babies are healthy and doing great.
With great pride we would like to introduce:

An Indian Dream

A young Indian turned to the High Chief, “ I really want this to but how can I?
A soft smile came upon the High Chiefs face.
The young indian was just like him when he was that age, and he remembered the advice that was given to him.....

Know what you Want. Love the people around you. Talk to them, Learn from them. Never, ever Think you cannot do it.
See your dreams and most important, always Believe in yourself!

Adopted by
Chantal and Remy
Hiamovi Datsiwonisi
Red silver tabby
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Adopted by Suzy en Nico,
Cattery Recoones Resort
Hiamovi Geli
Red silver tabby with white
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fam. Roodseler
Hiamovi Tsigeyui
Red solid
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Chantal and Remy
Hiamovi Gadolequa
Red silver tabby
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Stays with us Hiamovi Aquohiyu
Red silver tabby with white
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Gerda and Loek
Hiamovi Aquayaduli
Red tabby
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Andrea and Wesley
Hiamovi Tsigowatiha
Black silver tabby with white
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Translation names: http://www.ctc.volant.org/cherokee/Mirror/whitedoves_eng-cher.html