On August 17th Manu and Odina
became proud parents.
Filled with blessings we would like you to meet:

Indian Wisdom

Here you can watch out little babies
2 September-> As their space is growing, it will be harder to see them on the cam.
24 September-> The cam will stay down as from now on, the kittens will be running around in our bedroom

27 November 2018
Here you can find movies of this litter.
Adopted by Isabella Hiamovi Ayita
(ayita-> first to dance)
red silver shaded with white photo's
Adopted by Jeroen, Kaylee, Mauro and will live with 2 other friends Hiamovi Nayati
(nayati-> he who restles)
black smoke photo's
Adopted by Dawn
She will move to USA
Hiamovi Enola
(enola-> solitairy)
red silver tabby with white photo's
adopted by Sietske and Daniel and will live with 2 other Hiamovi cats Hiamovi Maiara
(maiara-> wise)
black tortie tabby with white photo's
Adopted by Naomi and Reece
Will move at 9 months to New Zealand

Hiamovi Dicha
(dichali-> speaks a lot)

black tabby with white photo's
Stays in the cattery Hiamovi Meda
(meda-> prophetess)
red smoke photo's