Movies of this litter can be seen here.

An Indian Moon

Stays in the cattery Hiamovi Kikas Kagali
black tortie tabby silver
Ika Foto's
Adopted by
Angela and GijsJan
Hiamovi Duninhdi Kagali
red tabby silver
Dihnu Foto's
Adopted by
Ellis and Rene
Hiamovi Unolvtana Kagali
black tabby silver
Vano Foto's
Adopted by Samantha and Patrick Hiamovi Galohni Kagali
Lahni Foto's
Adopted by Ellie Hiamovi Kuyegwona Kagali
red (tabby)
Yego Foto's
Available I'm looking for my forever home
Option Somebody is interested in me but still needs some time. Other request are welcome.
Evaluation 1 kitten will stay in our cattery, the other one(s) will be free in a few weeks. Requests are welcome.
Adopted I already found a new home and my new owners are waiting for my arrival.

If you are interested, you can send a message for more information or to plan a visit.
If you want more photo's or movies just ask, we have more than enough to share with you.

In loving memory of Hiamovi Kagali. Your brothers and sisters will carry your name with pride. † 25th September 2015