Dit gedicht is geschreven door onze goede engelse vriend Nick Chapman.
Het greep mij zo aan dat ik het wil delen daar er nog steeds veel te veel dieren aan hun lot worden overgelaten.

"For life"
Today I'm born, a pet I'll be
My legs are weak, I cannot see
Brothers and sisters, I have them all
We grow, we play, we even fall
Day by day, bigger I get
Soon I'll be somebody's pet
To have and care for, as I'm still small
It's a little ones life to have a ball,
You came for me with love and care
A new found love is what we'll share
Now I'm yours and you are mine
You're happy coz it's Christmas time
Three years gone I've grown a lot
But playtimes something we forgot
I think to myself what have I done
Times have changed since we begun
In the car is where we go
Where we're going I don't know
You open the door and let me run
I turn to you to have some fun
As I look I don't see you there
You've driven off without a care
Days go by and I'm feeling sad
Wondering if I was bad
I'm hoping that you'll come back for me
I'm hoping I still have a family
Weeks go by all on my own
I've been left without a home
A pet is what I used to be
A member of a family
Now it's gone all in the past
Why oh why did the love not last
A stray is now what I've become
Distrust for humans I turn and run
I've now been caught out on the street
Bruises on my legs, cuts on my feet
Im taken to a place so large
I'm given food and a nice hot bath
As time goes by we become friends
I start to feel loved all over again
I now live here with loads more pets
Their story the same, their owners forget
My day comes and sadly I pass
I've loved, cried and even laughed
My message here cuts life a knife
Remember humans a pet is for life