16-07-2016: With great pleasure we want to let you know that littele chiefs are on the way.
Fingers crossed that nature is on our side and all goes well.
Manu, Ika and Magaskawee had their repaet HCM ultrasound. Tamaya had her first ultrasound, HCM and PKD.
It's always good to know that all is perfect for this moment being.
13 06-2018: Ayu is celebrating her 3rd birthday.
06-06-2018: Spender turnes 9 today.
02-06-2018: Last year we fought for your life, 3 times we almost lost you but we won!! Today you turn 5 years Magakawee.

04-04-2018: Today Blessing and Weno will be neutered. Blessing gave us 2 beautiful liters and Weno gave us back what we lost, a beautiful blue girl. They both got a repeat of the HCM ultrasound and a total blood control and all is perfect.
We've had a few bithdays:
Calimero turned 6
Easy turned 8
Odina had het second birthday
Lily, our blue Godmother, celebrated het 7th birthday.

Tamara turns 1 year today, congratulations my beautful princess.

Time flies. Not only 2017 went fast but also the kittens are already 8 weeks.
All 5 have found a perfect home and all goes well.
Just a little while before they break out of their safe place and start climing the high poles. Not good for my heart....
Yes, time flies,....
Happy New Year!!